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Hal Jordan vs Kyle Rayner vs Guy Gardner vs John Stewart. Takes place in deep space. Who wins?

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Kyle Rayner hes the living enbodiment of will and hal jordan is out of the question because he was the host for the parralax maybe john stewart could challenge becase he has strong light constructs but i still believe rayner would take victory on this one

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Depends on the versions...if it is just the regular GL forms (no parallax, no Ion) then definitely Hal...by far the best showings. If you allow Kyle to access the rest of the spectrum (like he has been in the New Guardians arc) then Kyle might edge him out due to the versatility in powers (MIGHT, simply because Hal is clearly the most mastered GL). Guy and Stewart stand hardly any chance here. A better fight would be Parallax Hal vs. Ion Kyle vs. Black Lantern/Indigo John...ooooo that would be a nasty brawl

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If there's no hosting, amping or enhancements, just rings, then John.

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Hal takes it he's more experienced and he was able to kill a guardian. Plus he's my favorite

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Hal Jordan ftw

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@DarkKnight96000: Are these new 52 versions? If so I still say Hal but I only read Justice League and the main Green Lantern title, not the others.

So anyways it goes like this: