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I was going to add images, but don't know how and there is no preview, so here goes.

Captain America (Steve Rogers) vs Captain Britain(Brian Braddock) vs Captain Canada (officially called guardian) (James Hudson) vs Captain Germany (officially called Hauptmann Deutschland) (unknown real name) vs Captain Russia (officially known as Red Star) ( Josef Petkus) vs Militant (Hydra four, clone of captain america)

With the exception of Militant, the others are kinda national equivalents of Captain America, though none are by any means pushovers or jokes, as I have noticed, they all have good powers, Militant may be a Hydra copy, but he held his own against Steve, which is pretty good.

This is a 6 way battle, every man for himself, win by Knock-out, morals on, all in character, they fight on a muddy field at night, heavy rain, all 200 meters apart, and 6 hours prep time.

who will be victorious? and who takes 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th????

If bot sure on any, search for them either on here, marvel database or wikipedia under thier official names followed by marvel, should tell you there specifics.

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I'm pretty sure Captain Britain and Guardian are head and shoulders above everyone else particularly cap Britain who is damn near a 100 tonner, can fly at supersonic speed and has a forcefield however steve is known for taking out people he has no business taking down.

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Captain Britain solos.

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You forgot to add Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Price and Captain Crunch.

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I root for Steve all the way but the sad truth is, Captain Britain will most likely win.

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@Vengance101: Don't forget Captain Falcon, though he may be too OP.
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@Wolfrazer said:

@Vengance101: Don't forget Captain Falcon, though he may be too OP.

oh yah him too XD

I also forgot Captain Nemo!

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Lol, it's basically all the captain america like guys, I don't think they all have a shield but that's why I chose the 2nd captain russia.

but no solo allowed, anyone got the placemets???

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Captain Britain is just on a completely different league than the others here.