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Cloak, Ghost, and Kitty Pryde vs Will o' the Wisp, Vision, and Death-stalker

Standard versions of each (Vision is classic, not current). Morals off. Battle takes place in a depopulated grocery store starting 20' apart. Win by any means.

Each team must try to win somehow, they can't just evade/all stay intangible forever, unless they can find a way to win while doing so.

What happens?

Kitty Prude
Will o' the Wisp

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No Danny Fenton?

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Vision was the best pure intangible I can remember.

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No Big Chill?

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No Martian Manhunter?

Lol I'm just kidding, but I'll go with Team Kitty on this one.

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OK OK there are certainly many more intangibles! :) I limited myself to a few, all from Marvel.

I know there was some specific effect that happened when Vision and Kitty crossed paths when intangible but forget what it was. I think they were both in pain?

Note a few differences/similarities between the teams. Both have smarties--Kitty and Ghost vs Vision. Cloak's Darkforce is a different kind of intangibility and could potentially affect the others if they go inside somehow. Ghost's intangibility is reliant on tech and could be shorted out; or, he could turn invisible instead of intangible. Both Ghost and Kitty can control and/or short out tech, and could potentially affect Vision. Both Vision and Will can become hyper-dense instead of intangible and possibly attack that way somehow. Both Cloak and Death-stalker can teleport. Vision and Will can fly. Team 2 has better offensive weapons: Death-stalker can kill by touch, but has to be tangible to do so; Vision has his heat ray.

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If this is a battle the Martian manhunter wins. I thought this was about pure intangiblity.

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Morals off Tyrone should be able to just BFR all of team 2. Though I don't know too much about Deathstalker to be sure.

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Cloak has many ways to beat the others here, assuming they can use powers other than intangibility.

Area blackness, darkforce energy control, draining the "light" out of them, and I am pretty sure that he could throw them into the darkforce dimension, intangible or not. He blacks out the whole place, and then takes everything into the darkforce deminsion.

Not real sure how that would work on Death-stalker, his power is not a normal version of intangibility, he naturally does not exist in this dimension.

There is a chance that Cloak could beat everyone else on his own.

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no negative man?

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@eternalnature: no

I would go for vision, refering to his greater array of abilities and tireless nature.

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