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So... Say Batman's mind has control of Superman's body and he picked up Hal's ring and mastered it to the extent of Hal's level and thanos sets his sights on him

on a distant planet under the yellow sun with no kryptonite. thanos has the infinity gauntlet and the superbatlantern's ring remains fully charged. and this is 1940s bat who down for some killing

...sorry bout image sizes still a newbie

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So Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet vs Superman with Batman's intelligence and Hal's Green Lantern ring mastery. I recall the Infinity Gauntlet putting Thanos WAY up in power. If memory serves, I think the Living Tribunal had to stop Thanos in person because no one else could. It takes a powerful being to force the Living Tribunal into action.

Thanos takes the victory easily.

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Thanos wins more than easily, it arguable he could take this WITHOUT the IG with it, he snaps Batmans neck by looking at him.

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Thanos ftw

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wtf Superman is smarter than Batman

Batman is just Batman comes up with random decisions which are randomly correct