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Xena chops Batman's face off.

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VS ((The Set-UP))

Tonights Match is between to great champ warriors.

Both of these two warriors are masters or all formers of armed and unarmed combat.

From Gotham City its greatest defender a man who fights crime and try to prevent what happend to him ever happening again, Trained in all manner of fighting styles he is The Batman.

Forged in the heat of battle to become a mighty warrior princess, Xena once fought to take over the world but was redemed and now fights to protect the innocent in Anciet Greece Xena the warrior Princess.

These two campions have agreed to fight each other as one of the most intersting fights that I think could take place.

The setting for this battle is an abandon castle with very high roofing for both warriors to use all the fighting styles hopefully unhinderd.

Xena is at full health and is armed with her sword, sukrum (not sure if it spelt right), And Whip.

Batman is at full health and armed with Batarangs, Equipment in his Belt, And is also given a sword. He is dressed as in the pic above with no bodyarmour.

There are also weapons lying or hanging inside the castle for both to use.

So who will win this match of skilled combatants?))

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Batman wins in the 1st round. by Tapout

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i have to give it to my girl xena, she can just do that paralizeing technique like she always did on the show xena wins.

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