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@kenobi26 said:

immortal, there's a far cry between a common thug and Snake Eyes. He wouldn't win based solely on his willingness to kill; he would win on his fighting ability, speed, and training, as well as his tactics. Bruce Wayne was a whiny spoiled rich kid crying about his parents before he was trained by the supposed "ninjas" in the "League" (which isn't even a traditional "ninja clan", but a criminal group that more resembles Chinese or Tibetan fighting styles than anything else - there was a great article on that in IKF a few years back), Snake was killing VC with his spec forces LRRP in the nastiest bush in Nam, before he joined Stormshadow in the established ninja clan. Also, he was trained by two hardened martial arts/ninjitsu masters...not some chump mercenary. As to being able to use his terrain and surroundings, as well as ninja-inspired gadgets? like Bane said, "Oh you think the darkness is your ally?" Also, Snake and Stormshadow were the original ninjas before Frank Miller rewrote every character as a ninja in the mid 80s (please see Wolverine, Batman, and Daredevil). Being fighting machines is what they were, the ninja background was added for flavor to characters who already had a niche (gadgets, healung and claws, radarsight...) Please find me a batman origin story where he's a ninja bdass before the mid eighties. In short, these popular characters ripped off a piece ofthe old Lary Hama Marvel original ninjas. I love batman, but I'm sorry, he would get trounced by real martial artists (with uzis).

I hate posts like this. I really do. I mean, it's all so wrong. A bunch of opinionated, biased garbage that's nowhere near being a concise argument - it's complaining and citing things that don't even matter. If a "Whiny spoiled rich kid crying about his parents" is all Batman is to you, maybe you shouldn't post things in his threads before doing proper research. Plus, you're referencing Nolan's Batman, who isn't even being used here. I'm pretty sure the comic book Batman has had bettertraining than Snake Eyes or Storm Shadow - He's a master of 127 different martial arts styles.

Anyways, I don't know who to root for here. This could really go either way. Snake Eyes and Batman have very similar physical attributes, but I believe Bruce to be more skilled. Plus, if he has his standard gear, he could use the element of surprise on Snake Eyes and KO him with Tear Gas or whatever midway through the fight. But on the other hand, Snake Eyes could dodge that. Hmmm, hard battle.

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Batman takes it, but not at all easy.

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Round one to Snake, with great difficulty. Batman has more equipment, but the best comparison I can make for Snake Eyes is he's like a Spartan. Doesn't need a whole lot of equipment, he's simplified combat and warfare down to the bare essentials to achieve victory. This isn't to say Batman isn't an expert with his own, but I think Snake is capable of doing just as much with less. Skill wise? I'd say they're even. Batman has more martial training, but Snake has more combat oriented training. Snake doesn't need every martial art on the planet to match someone in skill, skill is based on experience. They both have that in spades.

Round two to Batman. Snake preps for specific missions and objectives based on his knowledge and intel of his opponents and locales. Batman over kills prep. He's just a better contingency planner. Despite that, Snake is still going to give him a rough go. Batman takes this with difficulty.

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Came here from the Batman Battle of the Month. Finally got some good stuff on the parameters of Snake Eyes. I feel that Batman would win both rounds. Why?


Batman was said to be a MASTER of all martial arts and bench press over 1000 lbs and be strong enough to choke out tigers in the earliest times of Bob Kane. Then things got really crappy in the 1950s and 1960s due to federal comic codes in the 50s and the tv show in the 60s. It was in the 1970s that we were treated to batman as the master martial arts ninja of the Silver Age. Adams had him strangling sharks with a chain. He had no armor at the time he fought Lady Shiva and Bromze Tiger. It was just a type of fabric that would limit his bleeding if he got injured. But all of this is pre Crisis anyway.

End Aside.

SE can disarm a room of soldiers with his swords and guns. Batman has disarmed a squad of Hungarian special forces with nuts his hands and martial arts skill. Not to mention the huge number of times he disarmed SWAT teams and thugs.

PIS showing of disabling Starscream. Ok. Batman has destroyed killer robots from one thousand years in the future. And kicked gundam ripoff mechs to death. No lie. And one shot to g Wonder Woman, lol.

Speed wise, Batman can deflect bullets with his gauntlets and catch arrows fired behind him from Green Arrow. He has also caught a crossbow bolt fired at point blank.

Skill wise, Bruce Wayne had learned full mind/body control before he was 18. Mastered all forms of martial arts (this goes with his intellect). And can control his heart and blood flow to reduce bleeding and feign death. He also knows secret healing meditations to recover rapidly from injury and fatigue.

Strength and endurance are where Batman has the slight edge. I have posted on some other occasions that Batman has high showings around 1 ton under extreme duress. These were not lifts, but static holds. And his endurance in Knightfall is enough to quell all doubt.

Intelligence and tactics are Bats all day. His mound is able to comprehend alien technology in minutes of seeing it. He can decode and decipher mysteries with next to nothing. He can hack into the most secure systems with almost any piece of electronic equipment. And he can cure diseases and mutations on the fly. Discover the means to treat poisons in hours.

And Snake Eyes is in all physical and training matters a very close peer to Bruce. In the area of killing he is on the level of Lady Shiva in his efficiency. In terms of swordsmanship he is likely on par with Raa's . And Batman has only really beaten Raa's after his mind and body began to fail after being thrown into a Lazarus pit while healthy, inducing an accelerating resistance to both the harmful and life saving properties of the Lazarus pits.(how many Bat fans own up on that massive plot point)

And the prep feats for Batman are so well worn that I will not elaborate. The first fight will be long and hard fought, but Batman should come out the victor with a small majority. The second is obvious.

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@senglord: You should probably post that in the battle of the month.

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Snake Eyes got this.

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@wolverine08: need to pare it down to something that can win viner argument of the month. The stuff I post is a couple pages worth.

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Round 1. Snake Eyes.

Round 2. Batman.

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Snake eyes >deathstroke > batman

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Snake eyes shows batman what a real ninja is capable of.

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Batman is just a tool and overpowered. Snake eyes wins. I really hope DC goes bankrupt so we the real batman again. You know the one who had his back broken by bane not the fantasy batman that made a fool out of darkseid or beat superman.

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Batman is just a tool and overpowered. Snake eyes wins. I really hope DC goes bankrupt so we the real batman again. You know the one who had his back broken by bane not the fantasy batman that made a fool out of darkseid or beat superman.

Won't ever happen. Batman alone is enough to sustain DC.

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Round 1 can honestly go either way. They are pretty much equal across the board.

Round 2? Snake doesn't have any notable prep I can recall, other than mission prep, so I'll back Bruce here.

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@kanen said:

Batman is just a tool and overpowered. Snake eyes wins. I really hope DC goes bankrupt so we the real batman again. You know the one who had his back broken by bane not the fantasy batman that made a fool out of darkseid or beat superman.

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Batman is going to completely own Snake Eyes

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Snake eyes i both, easily. Seriously he just needs to shoot batman in the face and snake eyes is a deadeye shot. Round two is only even close because batman has prep, which still isnt enough to overcome snake eyes arsenal. Plus snake eyes is waaaaay cooler.

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Batman stomps

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Batman > Karate Kid > Snake Eyes

Batman with prep> Darkseid > Snake Eyes with the entire GI Joe arsenal