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Batman is fully armored and can not turn his head (His full armor doesn't allow him too)
He is full equipped with all of his gagets and weapons
He has a cape on

Silver Samurai is fully armored
He does not have the teleportation ring
He has his trusty swords and also 109 throwing stars.

Both do not have prep-time: This battle was a random encounter.

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Batman! Have you seen the Dark Knight? Christian Bale is so hot!

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I have seen the Dark Knight. It's all about the Pencil Trick. ;P

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Silver Samurai's sword can cut through nearly anything so he wins.

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You don't think Batman is fast enough to beat Silver Samurai? Bruce Wayne used to be a Ninja, you know.

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Batman wins. Bats with ALL of his gadgets and weapons could definetly take him down.