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Frank Miller Batman


Punisher MAX

Battle Conditions:

  • Standard Equipment - No special equipment for either.
  • Both have knowledge on the other, and will be bringing the appropriate arsenal from their standard equipment.
  • Will be hunting each other
  • Morals On
  • In Character
  • They are planning to defeat the other by whatever means they deem necessary.


Dusk - 15 minutes of daylight left

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Though I think many have read both of these characters well. I happen to know you have. Care to get this thread rolling?

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I'd like to say, it's a good thread. For me it's just one of those "hmm, better not touch that one" threads.

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@floopay: LOL I love both these Old Badger and disgruntle cats.

Well, I have entire scans of both sides, in the end, I say Frank Millers Batman.

FMB is extremely strong and durable, super human so. Offset by the not so agileness of Main stream Bats. His Gear really pulls thru tho. This Bats has Fear Gas Capsules as well the Smoke ones. This combo alone is too deadly for Max Punisher and if he knew of it could prep with a Gas Mask and Inferred.

Meanwhile Max Punisher is more Super Human Durable with Peak Human Strength, also not as agile at his age. I think he matches skill and showings of skill with FMB. However his skills with accuracy and explosions make range his prefer area.

Both are prep masters. Batman has unique toys, Punisher has better thought out realistic military approach.

In the end I go with Batman able to close the gap and more important use that super human strength and a Putty Capsule to Incapacitate Punisher.

Bats win with his ability to close in and various capsules. Slight edge to Bats.

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Hard but ithink Bats wins

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batman superior hardware and stealth skillz.

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It is a long shot, but punisher for me

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Cad said it best

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Punisher. He's in better shape then DKR Batman. DKR Batman is too slow to handle Frank's still impressive gun speed.