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Round 1: Hawkeye

Round 2: Punisher

Round 3: Captain America

Round 4: Skulduggery Pleasant




Strictly Hand To Hand. No Weapons, Armour, Gadgets, Magic, Ect.

Morals are off.

Each round starts 40 feet away.

Everyone gets a week prep but have no idea who they're going to be fighting.

Batman gets 30 minute break after each round but doesn't magically heal any injuries he may have obtained.

Win by KO or death.


A deserted alleyway in Los Angeles.


1v1v1v1v1. Massive free-for-all against all characters in the fight. No teaming up, all characters are bloodlusted. Still hand to hand.

If you don't know any of the characters, look them up:

Hawkeye: http://marvel.com/universe/Hawkeye_(Clint_Barton)

Punisher: http://marvel.com/universe/Punisher_(Frank_Castle)

Captain America: http://marvel.com/universe/Captain_America

Skulduggery Pleasant: http://skulduggery.wikia.com/wiki/Skulduggery_Pleasant

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Batman is definitely not winning the first round.

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@johnnyz256: Care to elaborate? I don't see how Hawkeye would beat him H2H.

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I meant the first scenario. He'll get past Hawkeye but isn't going to clear all four rounds, in my opinion.

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@johnnyz256: Ah, okay. So what round do you think he'll fall on?

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Normally I'd say Batman VS Cap could go either way and that there's no clear winner, but here Batman will be after 2 other fights. Not that I think Either Clint or Frank are good enough to cause any significant damage to Batman but well it's something. On the other hand, Batman has morals off this time. I'd say it's still too much of a toss-up to decide. If Batman DOES beat Cap, however, I have no idea who's the guy on round 4. But I'd assume Batman will be very tired and possibly injured after fighting Cap so it already puts him in a huge disadvantage.

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@the_red_viper: Hmm, yeah, I was a little unsure of how the Bat VS Cap one would go, but because morals are off I thought he would stand a good chance. As for the last guy, you should look him up, I put links to lal the characters for a reason. As for why he's there? Well, let's just say I put him in their because Bats would have to completely change his usual fighting style to hurt him, and before that he would have to work out HOW to hurt him. Skulduggery probably does have some fairly decent H2H combat training, but I doubt it's in Batman's league. Again, he's in their because Bat's hasn't really encounter someone like him before and would have to change his tactics to fight him. That, and he's mainly in their for the FFA bonus round, I would like to see how that would turn out. I guess maybe putting Skul in AFTER cap would be a bit of an unfair match, but I still believe it's possible for bats to pull it off.

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Capt destroys batty

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Stops at 3. Cap can handle a bruised Batman. What's the point of prep when they don't know who they're going against and cannot bring anything to the battle?

Bonus round, Bats. He is best out of all five.

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I dont know who that is at round 4, so no comment.

Batman should roll thru rounds 1 & 2, round 3 could go either way but I'm go with Bats. He's the better martial artist between the two.

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either stops at 3 or clears, I'll flip a coin for round 3

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Batman stops at Captain America. I think both are equal in H2H skill, Cap has better physicals, and there are no gadgets.

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Stops at three because hawkeye and punisher will do some work on bats. Cap can finish him easy