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Batman (comic version with no PIS) gets a week of prep with standard bat gadgets, no insider suit.

VS Blackhawk:

Blackhawk can: Runs fast, accelerates fast as a car.

Jumps ten ft high.

Throw Shockarangs (look like boomerangs but they don't come back) that transform into concussive shockwaves once they get within 6 inches of any surface. She can create and throw these at will.

She is immune to bullets because of a deflector forcefield that protects against things going at that speed. A batarang or a punch could get through.

She is strong /durable enough to lift ten tons.

Battle is here: Asgardians generally don't like Batman because he keeps on saying "I'm Batman..." expecting them to cower in fear. They think he's a fool with no powers.

New Asgard

If Batman clears this he goes up against Loki (movie version)

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Batman wins.

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man thing stomps

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Batman could lose, one shockarang would put him down. Two if the first didn't hit head on.

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Who in the world is man-thing and how did he enter this battle thread?!