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During the Civil War, Batman was called in by Captain America to try and knock out Iron Man for the final battle. After studying a history of Iron Man armors for about 5 days, Batman attacks the Ironfuher with all he has, surprising him at night in New York City in his Tower after disabling security and alarms, so Iron Man can not get help from She-Hulk. Ms .Marvel or another Pro hero.

Iron Man, however, has a stash of his old armors around, capable of automated deployment and a fully functional suit at the beginning of the battle. He also is willing to use lethal force on Batman, because he is not Captain America or another hero whose death would be a public relations nightmare

Who wins?

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I would say Batman based off of the fact that since he studied Stark, he would gather everything he needs in order to take him out. Especially by surprise I think Batman would try to keep Stark from getting into his suit. But Batman can send out EMPs, stall until Starks suits lose power, or just downright disable all electronics all together! I'm not much of a Batman or Ironman person but based off of what I know of Bat's abilities, his strategic thinking, planning, and skills in various forms of combat can gain him the win. But still Stark will give Wayne a run for his money.

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point to the BADASSBAT

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Batman. Since he already has knowledge of Tony and his armory, he can find a way to exploit it; also because Iron Man has no prep against Bruce.

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Batman wins because he's a better strategist than Tony

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Iron Man.

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I'm trying to think of what Bruce could make in 5 days to take down all of Tony's armors at once..nope can't think of anything. I say Tony

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@juiceboks: Giant magnet? EMP? Some gas or liquid that causes them to instantly rust / oxidize? And hey, I'm not even Batman...

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@equonox said:

@juiceboks: Giant magnet? EMP? Some gas or liquid that causes them to instantly rust / oxidize? And hey, I'm not even Batman...

First two have been tried and Tony's worked around them(honestly you don't think someone as smart as him wouldn't have already?). You talkin bout that anti Iron Man repellant Adam We..er I mean Bruce keeps around? Well that could work if Tony was limited to one suit. The OP states he can use all of them and since every suit is different in more ways than one..I doubt even that would stop them all.

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tony stomps, bat dead