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1 year prep time

who would win?

i'll go with Iron Man

he can create a device that can kill the phoenix(although didn't really work)

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I would give this to Iron Man.

His technology is more advanced than Batman's. Plus Batman relies on kicks and punches which can't even make a dent in Iron Man. Bat man would have to rely on more advanced gadgets like the exploding batrang, or his batmobile to take Iron Man down. But again Tony Stark could have just summoned all 42 sets of armour (in the movies) and kick his ass.

Btw in Iron Man 2, Tony Stark unleashed a highly focused beam which can cut through all of Whiplash's drones. I am pretty sure it can cut through batman's armour.

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If they both have prep,I 'd have to give the edge to Iron Man.

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Tony has superior tech, is smarter in most fields and is a technopath.

I don't see Bruce having too much of a shot.

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Been done. Still Iron man.

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Superior resources, better tech, and his brain processes information a heck of a lot faster (he's basically got a supercomputer in his head).

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This has been done many times in many iterations.

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