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I know its been asked before, but I want to be sure


round 1- midtown, never met before and NO PREP

round 2- midtown, they know each other and NO PREP

round 3- midtown, they know each other WITH PREP and any gatget (no special suit)

round 4- midtown, they know each other WITH PREP (batman in night of the owls suit and ironman whatever suit he wants)


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round 1- batman ends up leaving the fight, IRONMAN wins.
round 2- BATMAN incapacitates ironman somehow.
round 3- morals off batman loses, stomp morals on batman desactivates ironman's suit.
round 4- ironman rather easily.

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Iron Man all rounds

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Tony every single round ESPECIALLY the last one.

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Iron Man all rounds


Round 3 is the only tricky one, though I'd still go with Stark.

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iron man all rounds, not sure about round 3 though, it could go either way.

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Round 1 or 2: Advantage goes to Stark.

Round 3: Batman pulls off a possible win.

Round 4: Iron Man crushes. :(

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@bladestorke: Iron-Man would thrash Batman in almost any scenario, unless you completely amp up Batman's abilities until he's Thor level....

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Inclining towards tony in every round. I can only give a chance to bruce in round 3.

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I still dont know, I think:

round 1: IRONMAN

round 2: BATMAN knows iron man and his suit so he will find a way

round 3: BATMAN has all his gatgets AND prep time, he would build a gadget just for this fight

round 4: Stark is unexpected when it comes to suits, so probably IRONMAN will win

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Iron Man. All Rounds.

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Iron Man wins all rounds.

That suit from Night of Owls wasn't impressive..... at all.

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Iron Man all Rounds.

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This has been done to death. Iron man all rounds. if you give them equal prep tony wins every time. And there is no way on earth Bruce would ever beat Tony in a random encounter whether he knows him or not.

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Iron Man