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The clash between the worlds greatest detective and the rouge prototype NS-5 unit resulted in Sonny's arrest by the Chicago Police Force. Batman did a quick sweep of the NS-5 assembly factory, collecting bits of evidence from the fight, he also made note of the surveillance strip in the corner of the ceiling before silently retreating into the night. While Detective Spooner interrogated Sonny, Batman eavesdropped from the Bat-mobile outside of the police station by hacking onto the security audio cameras inside the interrogation room filled with armed S.W.A.T. officers with eyes and weapons trained on the lone android. After Sonny's interrogation, Batman continued to listen in to the conversation between Spooner, Lt Burgin and Lawrence Robertson, the other co-founder and CEO of USR, before calling it a night.

At the Bat-cave after NS-4 Alfred tended to his master's wounds, Bruce played back the interrogation noting the key factors surrounding Sonny such as his ability to simulate emotions, his relationship to his "father", his ability to "dream", his name, and the secret "favor" Lanning asked of Sonny. Bruce continued his research, turning his focus now towards Dr. Lanning and his studies on the "ghost in machines" but only finds a small amount that he had access to, the rest restricted to all but USR personnel. Bruce decided to take a much closer look at the good doctor's studies, he geared up and headed to Lanning's mansion.

Upon arrival to the Lanning mansion he notices the car out front, Spooner's car. After being greeted with a pale green light while checking the scheduled time of the activation of the demolition bot at 8:00 am the next morning, Batman entered stealthily through the window in the study room where Spooner was watching the video recording of Lanning and Robertson speaking at a USR convention on Lanning's personal computer. Batman made his presence known to Spooner who although startled at first, recognized the voice in the shadows. They exchanged information and departed shortly after, Batman made his way to the roof. Suddenly and without warning, Bruce was hit with a bright, white light before the mansion had begun to fall from beneath his feet and he through it. He fell down to the ground level but as he fell he reached for his grapple gun but was unable to fire it off before hitting the hard wooden floor, the debris that followed covered him almost completely only exposing the hand that held the grapple gun. Before passing out completely, Bruce was able to make out a grunting wail and a splash. Spooner had made it out alive, he could rest peacefully with the knowing the investigation could continue and with that, he closed his eyes.

Bruce, who's eyes opened an hour later, gathered his strength and made his way towards the sleeping giant that decimated the Lanning mansion. He checked the demolition bot schedule once more only to realize the time had been changed from 8:00 am the next morning, to 8:00 pm that very evening. The demo-bot's once pale green light slowly faded into a menacingly vibrant red, it's schedule screen was altered once more right in front of Batman's eyes from 8:00 pm now to the exact current time, 9:06 pm. Bruce looked up as the towering demo-bot with it's floodlights looked back down, he was in more trouble than before now.

Starts out 10 ft away from the Demo-Bot.



Can Batman defeat this Metallic Titan? Will he make it out alive of this technological nightmare and continue his quest to stop the true culprit behind the so called "suicide" of Dr Alfred Lanning? Or will this Iron Giant "break the Bat"? YOU DECIDE!!!!

Location: Destroyed Lanning Mansion


  • - Pre-52 Batman
  • - Batman had time to analyse the basic functions of the Demolition Bot before entering the Lanning mansion and thus knows it's attack patterns and weak spots (Flood lights in eyes and chest/Slowness/Crevices near hips, head and shoulders/Control pad), but has no prep before hand.
  • - Batman's equipment consists of 25 Batarangs, 2 Explosive Batarangs (5ft radius) and 3 Smoke Bombs (7ft radius), Grapple Gun, Motion Sensor, Cloaking Device (deactivates upon movement).
  • - Batman is once again fighting for his life and since there isn't anything worth saving around (besides his Bat-mobile) he doesn't mind using more destructive methods to win, thus morals are off for Batman.
  • - Batman practically fell straight through a 2-3 story mansion from top to bottom with only an hour of moderate recovery, so he isn't in the best physical condition.
  • - This Demo-bot has been reprogrammed by Viki to kill Batman, thus it is blood-lusted
  • - The Demo-Bot is heavily armored for wrecking heavy duty structures, thus being invulnerable to conventional attacks including small explosions. However, it is vulnerable to attacks focused on the opened areas in the armor and in places where it moves .
  • - Due to the Demo-Bot's slow turning and movement functions, it has the tendency to lose sight of small targets, to rely on its voice command system to hear and its vibration sensory functions to feel.
  • - Stones, bricks and all manner of debris litter the mansion and can be used as a distraction, projectiles weapons, or any means that may deem hazardous to either opponent.
  • - The remains of the building can be used to hide
  • - KO/Incapacitation/Death/Deactivation count as a win, the pool = BFR (If the victim can't get out of it)
  • - If it were to lose sight and have to rely on touch or sound, the Demo-Bot can be BFR'd into the pool if it falls in and shorts out, resulting in deactivation win as well.
    -Batman can be fall in the pool and get back out (not bfr) but if he were to fall in with a heavy object over him, he wouldn't be able to get out resulting in BFR.

    PS: I know it's a lot to read, but fo real ... man the hell up and read it.

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Batman can easily destroy the demo bot, he has good enough accuracy with his batarangs, agility to evade it's strikes (Spooner did and he's slower).

Nice setup.

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Here's a "not so anonymous tip" for ya...
Bats knows how this machine works, he knows how to get around it, he can stick to the shadows by hiding behind what's left of the mansion, throw a smoke grenade should he get caught, grapple up to whats left of the second floor to have a better shot at taking out those flood lights with a few batarangs, blind the machine, get off of the second floor before it takes it down, make it rely on it's voice command systems as one does their ears in the dark, blow off the arms with the two explosive batarangs, lead it into the pool using the regular batarangs, drive off like nothing happened. It's that simple
This has been a not so anonymous tip from, you guessed it, N.S.A.,


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I`m going with Batman.