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who wins this battle it takes place in NYC( like always)

no prep for either side random encounter.

please use logic in your post ty :)
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I'm gonna go with Batman.Bat-Intellect FTW.

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Vance Astro said:
"I'm gonna go with Batman.Bat-Intellect FTW."

I agree. Also Batman has hung with Hawkman, who is in every way superior to Falcon.
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Batman should be able to handle Falcon.
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While Falcon has Flight, speed, and better sight, batman still wins because he is smart?

Batman hanging with Hawkman is PIS
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Why Batman always wins... ?

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Batman for the majority.

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Why Batman always wins... ?

This one Batman should win, he has much better fighting skills, and can do the same thing that the Winter Soldier did to movie Falcon with his bat grapple, then finish him off. Falcon, in this situation, is essentially Man Bat with a different story. Bruce stomps.

Also, don't bump 5 year old threads, it pisses people off.

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gonna go with Bats on this one

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Batman stomps

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Why was this bumped?!

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