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Hey everybody I am here with Time warp Battles

Batman VS Ezio

Who do you think would win...

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Batman, rather easily.

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No love for search function :(

No Repeat Battles/Use the Search Function

We have a search function now which can be used to search for past battles, for more information on this please see the battle forum FAQ . If you want to see who would win a fight, check if we’ve already discussed it. If we have and you have something to say about the outcome that’s been reached, don’t be afraid to bump the thread, but don’t make a new one when one already exists. Our search tool should give you everything you need, but if for some reason it doesn’t, the recap thread is another place you can look for old fights and Google can be used to search CV. Dupe threads will be locked.

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Batman wins, effortless curbstomp.

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