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batman must defeat all the major dbz villain's that goku did weras goku had training time before battles batman will have prep time with the same amount of time(more or less) as goku had training .He will face Raditz with one days prep and a basic knowledge of his abilities, weakness ect. Vegeta with a years prep and basic knowledge of abilities. Freiza with 6 months prep and with a little knowledge of his capabilities. Cell at the cell games ,with a year prep and a complete knowledge of cells abilities, all forms of majin buu with 8 years of prep with no knowledge of his capabilities other than his power scale.

Batman will have all resources at his disposal and can receive help from friends and the bat family(not bat mite) by help I mean they can offer him advice and help him build devices,or if he has only a little knowledge about his enemy and they are capable of finding out this knowledge then they can use there abilities too find out more if you can think of some one who can see the future and would willingly help batman, ,but they can not lend him resources that are inherent to them for e.g superman cant lend him the phantom zone lol,nor can anyone fight for him. The battles take place in the dbz universe but the preparation takes place in batman's universe. This is modern era Batman(that's the batman just before new 52 batman, please correct me if im wrong) but new 52 batman feats can be used also.

How many villains does batman take down (if any) before he gets taken down(if he does) please say why and how batman wins or loses,thank you.

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lock him up in the time chamber for the same amount of time you've given him and he may be able to bushwack raditz, against others I see him vomiting in his own penis hole. I suggest you switch to Batman one million, then i see him dominating, if he manages to get his dick real hard though.

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No amount of preparation can help him if they decide to blow up the Earth with one huge attack lol. No way he can stop that. Anyway Cell and Buu are going to be very hard to take down. Frieza and Vegeta are moderate threats unless your using the current Vegeta then in that case Vegeta stomps also. Raditz might be easier but it's going to be hard. Anyway, all of these villians are willing to blow up the Earth in one attack like I said so there is no stopping that especially if Batman can't call in his friends for help. Oh and they're ruthless too.

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Batman clears via combination of prep, knowledge, and insider suit.

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Batman won't get past Raditz with 1 day of prep time. He get's slaughtered

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I reckon Bats could win some of these with a BFR via Boom Tube Gauntlet.

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@beautifulrevery said:

Batman won't get past Raditz with 1 day of prep time. He get's slaughtered


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Batman uses a gun that shoots glass and solo's the dbz universe.

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@beautifulrevery said:

Batman won't get past Raditz with 1 day of prep time. He get's slaughtered

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Batman dies so fast, he won't have time to say "I am the night!"

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Unintentional spite.... I don't even think this is unintentional. There is NO way Batman can do this. With a Mother Box, maybe.

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He gets help from the brightest minds in his universe to help him upgrade his insider suit to a point where it could replicate Superman,Flash, Wonderwoman,and etc's abilities fully without having to recharge?

Anyways yeah he isn't getting past Raditz with a day o prep.

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@lytet5: Inappropriate. 1st warning for the language.