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Batman (The Animated Series)
Cap. Hook
Shan Yu


Batman has knowledges and gets 10 minutes prep each round

Round 1- Captain Hook , Cruella de Vil & Ursula (out of water)

Round 2- Tiger , Scar & Zira

Round 3- Shan Yu & Gantu

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Batman gets in his Batmobile and owns them all.

Batman ftw

End of story.

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they would all die in an instant these villains are nothing special

round 1 these guys are just average people except ursula ursula is not able to keep up with batsy shes a fish outta water

round 2 these are cats cmon

and round 3 batman beats gantu into shark fish soup and shan yu is again just a human even someone like

harley quinn with joker c an take these guys out

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Lol, I hope this was a joke.

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I would watch this movie, it would be like if batman were a horror villain, he would keep showing up from the shadows and punching people. However peta would be all over him for beating up lions and tigers.

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batman makes a rug out of shere khan

breaks hook in half

back hands shan yu

make sandwiches out of gantu

makes coats out of scar and zira

and punches cruella 101 times in the face