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Batman is in a bad situation... he has woken up completely strapped into a chair, with a revolver glued to his hand.

Across the room stands Wade Wilson, Merc with a Mouth and Nutcase for Hire.

Wade: Well Batters from what I hear through the nuthouse grapevine is that you hate guns... well lets see.


1. Bruce can not escape the chair or drop the gun, and it is loaded with real bullets. Deadpool makes sure to stand where the bullet would have to hit him in the head.

2. Bruce knows that Deadpool is a psycho and has killed 100s if not 1000's of people, but he does NOT know he has a healing factor, so far as Bruce knows shooting Deadpool will kill him.

For Deadpool to win he must cause Bruce to shoot him, however he can not hurt Bruce physically, he may only talk to him.

For Bruce to win he must either convince Deadpool to give up, or last for 3 days. (he does not know that it will only be three days, and Deadpool will lie about it.)

So who wins.

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batman would never kill deadpool, he can last for 3 days or he can escape (if that's allowed) since he's one of the best escapologists in DCU.

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Batman unless dead pool says something bout Damian.

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No, no escaping.

1. Shoot him.

2. Convince him to give up.

3. Last for 3 days.

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Batman has dealt with lots of trash. Deadpool is a handful when it comes to listening to nothing but him, but I think Batman can last 3 days since he lasted 8 days underground in Gotham drinking nothing but water that was making him go insane. He can convince Deadpool to give up easily; just pay to him to shut up.

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I think Deadpool would probably get bored and leave

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@misterwhisper: Why can't he escape? I doubt in character deadpool can contain Bruce.

Anyway going along with the rules Batman still wins.

@dondave said:

I think Deadpool would probably get bored and leave


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Batman shoots himself in the head,

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He would know what a villain of Batman would know. No big secrets though.