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- They both get prep time

- Both have access to all of their weaponry and vehicles

- Both have no support from allies or mercenaries

Who wins?

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My first thought was vader force-stomps, then I saw prep. Then I thought gee idk. then I saw weapons and vehicles... well, lets just say i hate to see two of my faves fight.

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Exactly how is Batman supposed to defend against, essentially, magic choking and telekinesis powers?

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As extensive as Batman's resources are, Vader has far more at his disposal. He's the second in command of an entire galaxy spanning military force, and one of the most powerful Sith Lords to ever exist.

Vader sithstomps Bruce, too many resources and superior power at his disposal.

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vader easy

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batman uses boom tube and wins with GL ring

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Vader chokes the hell out of Batman and then drops him in space.

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Vader in a spite stomp

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Vader stomps. Plus, this has been done before.

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@HughJackmanFan88: Please make better selections in your battle lineups