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This is not only a hand to hand battle, but a game of chess.

Codename V plans to blow up Wayne Enterprises. Will Bruce be able to stop him?

-Each character gets one year of prep.

-They both have studied the other's M.O., and know enough about one another's behavior.

-Standard equipment for each character:

V: Daggers, explosives( small and large scale), firearms.

Batman: Utility Belt, Batarangs, smoke bombs, waynetech, etc.

Whose strategy will succeed? When it comes to it, who wins in H2H?

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Has this really not been commented on? Phew... I can imagine them moving in on each other as batarangs and knives knock each other out of the air. V's a chemically altered super soldier, I'm pretty sure he's physically on par with Captain America. Cap wins that fight on technique though, and I know Bats is on par with Cap's technique, but can his gadgets win out over a stronger opponent? Well see, that's what tech's for. I love V, and I kinda hoped he pull out a victory in a fight, but knock out gas, mini grenades, grappling hooks... etc That goes a long way. How does V process chemicals? Is his mask a gas mask? I think in a confrontation Batman wins. But the real question was can V succeed in his goal? Definitely. V's more clever than me, so I can't imagine how he'd do it, but he'd do it. Batman's been tricked before, and V is the master of misdirection. Bruce'll be in the wrong place when it goes down. V gets trashed by Batman in the end, but it happens on the rubble of Wayne enterprises. One year later, he escapes from Arkham and jots back to jolly old England, with a wink and a tip of his hat.

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Batman stomps.

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I think that V can definitely bring down Wayne Enterprises. Ultimately V would wreck Batman's world. When it comes down to them actually fighting, after the ammo runs out and Batman dodges everything. They get into melee combat, V can keep Batman at bay with his daggers. In the end Batman beats the living crap out of V.

But V completes his task and brings Wayne Enterprises down and wrecks Bruce Wayne.