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Round1 Random Encounter

Round 2 both have 1 day prep

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I'd give it to cap both rounds...physically he's just way more impressive.

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Which batman series is this one?

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Depends. Bruce could hurt Darkseid in one of his many animated series's.

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Which batman series is this one?

Justice League, Unlimited, and Animated series

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Depends on which Batman. The one that took down Superwoman would run a train on Cap.

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Picture looks like either justice league or the Animated series. I would assume its that version.

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Captain America by a landslide.

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The Cap from just his strategical tactics using his vibranium shield.

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The batman or Batman brave and the bold would easily handle cap.

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Batman would whoop the captains fat, american ass!

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JLU bats is a beast.

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JLU Batman is ridiculous. I'd favour him.

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JLU and The Batman or the only cartoon versions that showed skill. (Not counting movie versions)

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@darthaznable: The direct to animated-movie versions showed skill. The Dark Knight Returns version used pressure points.