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Fight takes place Los Angeles. Nighttime. Cap has the shield. Batman has few batarangs and other equipment. No prep. Win: KO. Far away distance. Regular morals.
New 52 Batman. 
Pre Flashpoint Cap. 
Who wins? :) 

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Captian America stomps.This has been done at-least 50 times before.

Welcome to the site.

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How many times has this been done now?

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Batman wins

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@ImTheDamnBatman said:

How many times has this been done now?

Too many

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Batman wins, because I don't know of feats for "Pre-Flashpoint Captain America"

Seriously though, Captain America

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Cap was in flashpoint? O_o

This is the other side of the coin, it's always Supes vs Thor and Bats vs Cap...

I think Cap wins

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Cap wins and can you all comment on my Spider Man vs Iron Fist Thread Please

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@Moonhawk: Who is Pre-Flashpoint Cap?

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Pre Flashpoint Cap?

Is it really that hard to put a little thought into an OP?

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Oui vey O_0....Cap ftw!

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Need lock. All these new people on this site need to read rules for the battles. They are driving me nuts. Not trying to be offensive but it would be a big help. Sick of seeing the same battels over and over again.

O and Cap wins

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Steve, IMHO.

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Goku vs Superman

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@Moonhawk: Please start using the search function when you create threads. Thanks.