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New-52 Batman vs Arkham Asylum/City Batman


New-52 Batman every single all of his gear an equipment, Arkham Batman has all of his gear and upgrades from both games (unlimited batarangs for both, lol) , Morals on, no aid from external resources or allies, both fresh and in full health. the battles takes place in NYC, New York, 100 meter starting distance, Little amounts of bystanders, Fight is to Death, Incapacitation, K.O. or Surrender.

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well of course BatMan wins =D

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@SMXLR8: thats what I'm saying! i guess no one will share our opinions though....

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New-52 Bats.

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@ImTheDamnBatman said:

New-52 Bats.

care to elaborate?

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Batman wins. Always. I wonder how this typical batman fan argument works here..

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this isnt batman then. if bats turned off his morals and was in for the kill, would his judgement/strategy change?

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I want to say The New 52 Batman...But I wreck house in those games, and some of those feats were nuts.

Batman FTW

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Arkham Batman can jump like 15 feet (Titan Takedown) lol leaning towards him.

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Arkham Bats is constantly monitored by an omnisentient force who grants him limited precog.

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@ImTheDamnBatman said:

New-52 Bats.
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You said morals off, therefore i think New 52 Batman would win.

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Arkham Bats b/c of Detective Mode and his Batey(spider) sense, but new 52 Bats.

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batman wins because he's BATMAN!Lol

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I average #56 worldwide (#8 at my best) in the challenge maps on Origins (havnt checked city or Asylum in a while) and I can honestly say....idk. Arkham Batman links a combo like a sonufabitch, and his quick gadgets allow some pretty hax combos (batarang barrage+C.grenade+lay explosive +bat claw+dodge/detonate explosion+ground pound....if you wanna play with them first)....but new52 is basically that with updated gear. Then again I don't have morals when I play...havnt read the Arkham series otherwise but assuming its similar to cut scene feats I'll give it to new 52. No stomp here.