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Batman wins all these rounds. He is from a different time and has mastered hundreds of martial arts and has much better equipment vs Ezio......I only played AC2 and AC2: Discovery so I don't know what kind of training he has but I don't think its anything in comparison, as he was just gifted. Even the Robins would dance around them. They all have better feats then Ezio. The Batfamily generally takes on those that are metahumans while those in AC take on swordfighters with the rarity of magical assistance(from the Apple of Eden, the staff) The battle will go like this:

Replace "Bruce Wayne" with "Batman", replace "200 years ago" with "800 years ago" and picture the Talon with Ezio and a Bruce in his Batman Costume and there's your fight! XD

Hopefully you realize I was exaggerating a bit.

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Desmond would have been a better choice. As well as the modern tech he has the skills of most of his ancestors.

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Explain to me how Ezio could defeat Batman in a fight without prep-time? Even if Ezio gets a day of prep-time, how can he possibly defeat Batman? Batman is MUCH stronger, faster, more durable, has more endurance, is more intelligent, has access to more resources that are better and is richer. So again, how does Ezio stand a chance here?

Saying Ezio can beat Batman in a fight is like saying Spiderman could beat The Living Tribunal in a fight. There is just no contest. It's not even close. The latter wins easily.