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Round 1: Takes place in a Dock, Adam has a majority of his augmentations compromised, has a handgun and obviously his blades. Batman will have his standard equipment except for EMP. Morals on winning conditions: KO

Round 2:Takes place in Gotham City - Ace Chemicals, Adam has all of his augmentations fully working, has an assault rifle, shotgun, grenade launcher, sniper rifle and 1 Typhoon explosive. Batman will have 10 hours prep and will have all his equipment. No morals, both bloodlusted. Fight to the death.

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round 1 can go either way but im leaning towards batman since jensen has never dealt with anything like batman

round 2 goes to batman pretty easilybut can depending on where the fight ends up in gotham

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@Hyperlight: I specified on the exact place in Gotham and changed Batman's prep time.

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Who wins?