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Team Batman:

  1. Batman

  2. Wolverine

  3. Moon Knight

  4. Death-Stroke

  5. Punisher

  6. Dead-Shot.

Team Captain America:

  1. Captain America

  2. Spider-Man

  3. Black Panther

  4. Dead-Pool

  5. Iron-Fist

  6. Luke Cage.

Battlefield: This abandoned, unpopulated city.

  • Round 1:

  • No prep, Morals on.

  • Starting distance- Opposite sides of the city, No building entry.

  • Standard equipment, Flight restricted (Except for Spider-Man).

  • Round 2:

  • 20 minutes prep, Morals on but not holding back.

  • Starting distance- 200 ft apart, Building entry allowed.
  • Batman gets the Insider suit.

  • Round 3:

  • 1 hour prep, Morals off, anything goes.

  • Starting distance- Teams are split-up and scattered anywhere across the city.
  • Anyone with firearms get Adamantium bullets, Strongest version of each character, any suit/ equipment of choice without any restrictions.
  • Juggernaut and Hulk are battling throughout the city, they serve only as an obstacle and cannot help either team. Teams are aware of this before the battle begins.

So which team shall take the win?

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You seriously put Iron Man in this and expect it to be a fair fight?

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Team 2 stomps. Trade in Iron-Man for Iron Fist.

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@god_spawn: Nevermind, i'll replace him with Iron-Fist...

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Team Captain America Wins round 1 Spider-Man being the biggest gamechanger, as well as Cap's superior commanding skills, and the fact that while Wolverine is really good at healing, Deadpool is actually immortal.

Round 2 is too close to call. The Insider suit is highly overrated, but still a major factor, and although Cap is no slouch at prep himself, Batman is the comic prep king for a reason. Still might give the advantage to Team 2 though.

Round 3 is again anyone's game. If you say strongest versions of each character, does that include alternate worlds? Because if so, both Deadpool and Wolverine are functionally immortal. Ultimate Cap is also pretty freaking awesome. And Spider-man has a huge advantage when both teams are scattered, with his ability to get around the city quickly and having the strength and agility to take most anyone here if he's fighting seriously. But then, since no one knows where anyone is, if Deathstroke or Punisher or the like can get to a rooftop with a sniper rifle, then they could take out a lot of their enemies assuming that they find them first. In the end though...yeah I say Cap's team is just in general better. I still say that they win this set up more often than they lose it.

Also, seems odd to me that Cap's team is full Marvel but Bat's team is split half and half. I suppose there is no reason as to why it should be like this, it just feels off to me. I'd replace Moon Night with Nightwing, Wolverine with...I dunno...Bane maybe although that does make for a lot of Batman characters, and Punisher with Green Arrow. But that's just me...

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Team Cap but Wolverine it's going to be a problem.