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 Morals off & 2 days prep for each.

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Team one wins. The secret is in the lasso.

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@Rick_Grayson: Batman is a non factor here

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@dondave: Yeah I threw him in for the prep, obviously the actual fighting would pretty much exclude him.
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@Rick_Grayson:But then Cap has the wisdom of Solomon and Adam has the wisdom of Thoti so they could come up with something as well regarding prep

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@dondave: Agreed, i don't think it's a stomp in anyone's favour, just thought I'd throw a bit of smarts into the mix rather than a straight brawl. So what's your opinion on a winner?
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- Captain Marvel and Superman, quid pro quo, Cap wins. His magic and lightning beat Superman into a pulp - he caused him to bleed out of his ears in Kingdom Come. However, Wisdom of Solomon or no, he's still a ten-year-old kid, and he makes crazy, brash decisions.

- Black Adam's rampage in 52 took nearly every hero they could find to stop him. If he unleashes like that, he's absolutely unstoppable - Captain Marvel's assistance in the fight would just seal the deal.

- The two-day prep gives Batman a massive advantage. In Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam, it's shown that Billy/Cpt Marvel doesn't even need to speak his command word; Sivana was able to trigger the transformation by using a recording. Fight starts, Batman plays a recording of Billy and Adam speaking their magic words, Superman and Wonder Woman rush in for clean-up. Set, match.

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@Rick_Grayson:Personally I think team 2. Black Adam is shown to be able to go against both Cap and Supes so he's probs a little stronger than Superman. And wonder woman is slightly weaker than superman. So i believe team 2 will be able to take them

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team 1