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No Prep

Current Batman - Standard Gear

Location ---> Dinosaur Museum


Round 1 - Mai

Round 2 - Andy Bogard

Round 3 - K'

Round 4 - Joe Hagashi

Round 5 - Ryo Sakazaki

Round 6 - Leona

Round 7 - Seth and Vanessa

Round 8 - Mr. Karate

Round 9 - Kyo Kusanagi

Round 10 - Terry Bogard

Round 11 - Ralf Jones and Clark Still

Round 12 - Iroi Yagami (No orochi)

Round 13 -Kula Diamond

Round 14 - Maxima

Round 15 - Rugal Bernstien

Does he clear?

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He stops at K'

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He stops at K'

I can't remember exactly but K' is as strong is Kyo and Iroi right?

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Only one I have knowledge of is Andy Bogard from Fatal Fury 2. He was notably and visibly masterful of most H2H martial arts, and an incredibly agile fighter much like Daredevil. His main training was in ninjutsu in Japan so he is extremely skilled in stealth and open hand fighting.

Like all the others, he's strong enough to launch opponents weighing 1 ton + several meters with ease.

His fighting style normally incorporated keeping people at a short distance and sweeping through them from above and below with ki-powered superspeed flying kicks and elbows and short ranged ki-blasts, as well as striking and throwing arts.

I'd say he takes a strong majority over Bats, but with standard gear Bats could pull a few wins.

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@saiyan_earthling said:

He stops at K'

I can't remember exactly but K' is as strong is Kyo and Iroi right?

Yes he is. He fought and beat the likes of Krizalid from KOF 99, Zero from 2000, and Mukai, who can petrify by touching his opponent. He, along with kyo, and Iori beat Ignis from 2001, who can draw power from the Milky Way.

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This thread breaks my heart, because i love Bats AND KOF. I think a fight between Andy and Batman is pay-per-view level fight, but I don't think he can take Ryo. That guy is one part brick, one part super-speedster with massive energy projection.

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Batman gets his ass kicked easily.

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Batman wins based solely on that picture.

Also because he will cheat and rig all the fights.