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Carnage is in character and is ridiculously drunk (If even possible, but for this battle we will assume it is) The team is allowed 2 days prep although no sonic or fire weapons are allowed The team is also bloodlusted Fight takes place in an abandoned insane asylum Who wins?

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I apologize for not having pictures but I'm on an iPod

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Carnage slaughters them horrifically. Even with prep, if they can't exploit his weaknesses, the best they can do is stuff themselves in power armor that he can rip open.

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What if I gave them a week prep?

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Carnage in a slaughterfest. Prep doesn't equal automatic win especially when those with prep are severely physically outclassed.

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Carnage is way too strong and difficult for any street leveler...

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Carnage ftw

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Carnage easily. Don't see prep factoring into this fight, even if the team could use sonics or fire.