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  Batman of zur-en-arrh (Batman RIP) VS Batman (Bruce Wayne pre Batman RIP)
To make this fight possible Batman is in a self induced coma to train his mind and will be immediately awoken from it if his mind is put into a mental breakdown E.G. Batman loses the fight and thus losing his personality in the depth of his own mind. The setting takes place in an abandoned warehouse that use to make sporting goods. Since time can't be measured lets say they had all the time needed to prep. Batman has all of his regular tools that he would have while on patrol and batman of zur-en-arrh uses a aluminum baseball bat. Batman starts outside the warehouse and Batman zur-en-arrh starts inside. Once Batman enters the warehouse the fight starts and will be kept inside the building. Both Batman and Batman zur-en-arrh know no harm could be done by this fight and are going all out. fights over until one of them is out of commission or dead. 

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Zur en Arrh wins 
At the time he was opperating under superhuman intelligence so he would know what regular Bats would do before he actually does it
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Zur en Arrh wins