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Who wins this epic battle

Batman in Iron man suit with the utility belt


Batman with the green lantern ring w/o utility belt


- Bloodlust

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Batman with GL ring.

What exactly can Bruce do with Iron Man armor which Tony cant? But there are many things he can do with a ring. And he won't need a utility belt anyway since he can create every single thing with his ring.

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Paul Bettany would have a field day.

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Lantern ring, easily.

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Whether batman has the ring or not, it doesn't make a difference. This is a battle between Iron Man's suit and the GL ring........Batman having either doesn't matter at all, he was just put in the mix for lulz and popularity bonus.

GL ring wins every time, Batman has literally nothing to do with this thread ..

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Batman can't do anything notable with the ring, he struggled to make a useless construct. With 6 hours prep, he can become at least competent with the Iron Man Armor, which is a lot more than he will be with a GL ring.

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Are we assuming that Batman can use the ring? I mean, has he had training with Kilowog or something? Because if he just somehow got the ring and then had 6 hours of prep, I agree with @esquire: and say that the IM armour version wins.

If he HAS had training, GL any day, everyday

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@sinestro_gl: OP gives no indication of him having training with either, so I see no reason to assume that he does. Especially since he already has showings with a GL ring to base arguments off of. Otherwise it just becomes GL ring vs IM Suit, which is pointless. Although it's pretty pointless either way, since Bats can barely use a GL ring.

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Without training Batman loses

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Batman effortlessly.

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Any Lantern ring besides blue(when theres no GL around) is more powerful than any Ironman suit depending on who's using it, esspecially when Batman has it so Gl Batman all the way.