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At 4:30 am one Thursday morning, Detective Elisa Maza woke up to the sound of her cell phone going off (RIIIIIIINNNNG RIIIIIIIIIINNNNG), and sounding sort of frustrated she says to herself, "Who can be calling me at this hour, and on my day off ?" Elisa decided to take a look at the phone to see who was calling her at such a time, and quickly answered after she seen it was a call from the NYPD Sheriff's office....

Elisa: This is Elisa!

Commissioner: HEY MAZA, WAKE UP! You know I wouldn't call you at a time like this without good reason, and this is pretty big so I need you to be all ears for me!

Elisa: Okay I'm up.... Whats up Commish?

Commissioner: I just recently gotta call from a fellow Commissioner/old friend named James Gordon, who needs some temporary help on the force. I told him that you were the best detective I had, and was just the perfect fit to help complete the objectives in his city.

Elisa: Wait... COMMISSIONER JAMES GORDON!!!! As in James Gordon in Gotham City, James Gordon??

Commissioner:Yes Maza, that Comissioner James Gordon. Now this is Gotham were talkin about, so you're gonna have to bring your A game. They've got some big business comin up in Gotham, and that city is gettin worse and worse, and I can't imagine it being worse than the reputation that it already has. G.C.P.D. is also having some big sweeps this upcoming weekend, and I need you there before then, so I'm gonna need you there A.S.A.P. Make sure to come check-in here at the station before heading to Gotham.

Elisa: Affirmative!

That following Saturday Evening, Detective Elisa Maza stopped by a corner carry out store to question the store manager, who reportedly seen some strange creatures jump out of a strange like portal, whilst he was taking his trash out to the dumpster in the alley. Elisa enters the store and sees the clerk, who appears to be a boy around the age of 16, with a name tag on that says Troy. Elisa looks at the boy, smiles, and she asks....

Elisa: Troy Right?

Troy: Yes Ma'am.

Elisa: Hi Troy, I'm Detective Elisa Maza. Is the store manager in?

Troy:Yes ma'am, he should be in the back. I'll go back and let him know that you're here, if you don't mind waiting for a moment?

Elisa: Yes, that's fine. I'll wait here.

While Elisa was waiting for the boy, she seen a newspaper on top of the newspaper stand that was headlined "GARGOYLES SPOTTED" Elisa grabbed one of the newspapers and a pack of skittles, right before the boy walked back out from the back of the store, then he says.....

Troy: Yes he's back there Detective, and he should be out shortly.

Elisa:Okay thanks, I'll continue waiting. How much for the paper and the skittles?

Troy:That'll be $1.45 Ma'am.

Elisa:Tell your manager I'll be waiting outside.

Troy: Yes Ma'am.

As Elisa was on her way out, she walked passed two weird, sort of muscular looking guys ,who eye balled her strangely as they walked into the store."What weirdos" she says to herself after she gets outside. Elisa then walks over to a magazine stand, restfully leans her back up against it, and starts to read the article about the Gargoyles that were spotted in Gotham. "Looks like someone spotted Goliath flying through the air," said Elisa chuckling to herself, "I didn't want him to be seen here, but I wasn't gonna come without him. Never know when I might need him in a place like this." After Elisa read about halfway through the article, she stopped due to what sounded like loud yelling coming out of the store. All of a sudden, those two weirdos that passed her in store came busting out the front entrance, shattering the glass on the front door. Right behind them was Troy, who ran out the store shouting"IT'S BANE'S THUGS AND WE'VE JUST BEEN ROBBED!!"

Elisa shouted "STOP POLICE!!" then started chasing the thieving thugs through the streets of Gotham. She was starting to gain on them so they decided to make a right to short cut through an alley. Elisa continued to chase the thieves until she ran them into a shadowy dead end at the the end of the alley. The dead end had no lights and was completely dark, except for a sensor light attached to one of the buildings on her left that shined completely on her. Elisa reached to her side, pulled her 9mm out of her holster, and shortly after shouted"I KNOW YOU'RE BACK THERE!!! LET'S MAKE THIS EASY, AND COME OUT TO THE LIGHT WHERE I CAN SEE YOU!!" There was a moment of silence as she breathed heavily due to chasing the thieves.... Elisa then shouted"I'M GONNA GIVE U TILL THE COUNT OF 3 BEFORE I COME BACK AND GET YOU!!" More silence.... "ONE..... TWO..... THREE!!" Elisa then reaches down to her side and grabs her flashlight, and before she could turn it on, one of the thieves came flying passed her hitting the grown like a rag doll. It was as if some powerful being had threw him out passed her. 2 secs. later the other thief comes flying passed.

"Ga.. Ga.. Goliath... Is.. Is that you??" said Elisa as she started to take steps backwards away from the shadowy darkness. Elisa then heard a thunderous growl, and started to see what looked like two red eyes glowing about 7.5 feet in the air. She quickly turned on her flashlight and flashed it on what seem to look like an enormous, four armed monster of some sort (Goro). Next to him was another freakish looking creature, who was no more than 6 feet tall, with 2 1/2 ft. blades coming out of his arms(Baraka). Elisa pointed her gun at the creatures as she bagged away cautiously.The four armed brute leaped about 20 feet into the air, then started to come down toward Elisa as if he was trying to stomp on her. Elisa then dashes backwards, rolling on the ground, luckily avoiding contact with monster. Laying on her back Elisa aims straight at the head of the four armed beast. He then notices and quickly knocks the gun out of her hand, causing her to miss as she fired. The big brute quickly picked her up around her waist with the bottom two of his four arms."PUT ME DOWN YOU FREAK!!" shouted Elisa as she kicked at the monsters chest, but the length of his arms made it to where her feet could barely reach him, so the kicking was causing little to no phase at all. As the monster held Elisa with his lower arms, he took his upper right arm and slowly cocked it back in an axe handling position.

Seeing what this big creature was getting ready to unleash on her, and realizing that she was in no position to get out of it, Elisa screamed to the top of her lungs "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" she shouted, and right in the middle of her shouting there was an enormously loud "RRROOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!" The four armed brute began to look a little confused, not knowing where the roar was coming from, and right before the four armed monster could unleash his fury on Elisa, he was tackled 40 feet, back through the brick wall at the dead end, by none other than.... Yours Truly.... GOLIATH!! There was a loud KABOOOOOOM as the two beast flew through the brick wall. The tackle came faster than the blink of an eye, and the impact was so hard that debris and rubble in the alley shot up a few inches of the ground, as if it were a minor quake. The other freakish looking monster with the blades coming out of his arms started to run toward the fight, but was tripped up by Elisa so that he wouldn't interfere. The creature quickly got up and seen Elisa crawling toward her gun, so he rushed over and kicked her gun away. He then turned her on her back and placed his foot on her chest. The creature snarled as he raised his right arm to release his blades, with the intentions to dissect her torso and finish her off for good. Right before the creature could release his fury on Elisa, a mans voice interrupted "I WOULDN'T DO THAT IF I WERE YOU" said the voice. The creature looked a little confused not knowing where the voice was coming from, and in the blink of an eye he was hit in the face with a batarang, knocking him on his back, by none other than..... Yours Truly.... BATMAN!!


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Goro - Comic
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This seems like a decent battle, bump. And team 1.

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Batman and Goliath win. Bats can take baraka, and both Bats and Goliath can take Goro. Goliath vs Goro by themselves would be a cool fight though. Don't know who would win that one.

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Batman fights Baraka in a heated fight while Goliath fights Goro in another great fight, Batman since he is a lot smarter and knows more martial arts would win his fight but not without injury he than goes to help Goro who has the upper hand on Goliath and the two of them beat Goro.

Team 1 FTW

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Team 1

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@onilordasmodeus said:

Batman and Goliath win. Bats can take baraka, and both Bats and Goliath can take Goro. Goliath vs Goro by themselves would be a cool fight though. Don't know who would win that one.

Yea I was going to do just a Goliath vs Goro at 1st, but then I thought "Let me spice it up a notch, and Bats to the pot" It's like everytime I see Goliath, or Gargoyles I think of Batman. I guess because I always thought that the two would go good together. And I Totally with everything you said

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Does anyone think that team 2 takes this?

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Nah. Team one is just stronger.