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Battle 1: No equipment, no prep, no morals. Straight up balls-to-the-walls martial arts fight. (In tuxedos)

(Takes place on a speeding train NO BFR)

Battle 2: Morals on, 1 week of prep each.

(Takes place on the lawn of Wayne manor)


New-Earth Batman gets a week of prep with all the PIS in the world Vs. Bond who preps for a whole month with the entirety of MI6. Morals on.

(Takes place on top of the Burj Khalifa)

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Probably movie Batman round one and two.

Definitely comic Batman round 3 in a massive curbstomp IMHO.

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Bats in all rounds. Tho round 1 could be interesting and Bond could win that one, but I'm leaning towards Batman.