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who would win?

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Nightwing, With ease

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Deff Night Wing.Mostly because he has been working as a hero for suchh a long time.

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That is like calling apples oranges, Terry has different and more high tech gadgets then Dick. Dick has more personal training and skill then Terry.

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I say Terry. Though he doesn't have the skill, with the tech, he can more than even the playing field.

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Terry with the armor, projectile blades, cloaking field, ability to fly, and increased strength.  Plus, would he have old man Bruce talking strat in his ear?

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I'm not the only one that recalls 80 years old Bruce beating with ease a guy that terry with all of his tech couldn't right? Nightwing owns

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Batman wins....sorry nightwing,but terry's my boy!

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i do like the avatar tho Nighthunter...or should i say Next BATMAN! lol

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batman!!! night wing sux

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Terry! Dick can go die in a hole!
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