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Red John Impressed By The Jokers Murderous Mind Invites Him Into His Network Of Killers, Batman As Always Has His Eyes On Joker and Finds Out About His New Friend

Could Be Just As A Bad, After Investigating A Series Of Murders Sees Red Johns Blood Smiley Face With A Side Note Also Written In Blood Says "Joker Waz Here". After A Week Of Coming Up Short On There Location, He Comes Into Contact With Patrick Jane Who Quickly Finds Out His Secret Identity Batman Being Impressed Decides To Join Forces To Catch The New Joker/Red John Team.



Team One

Team Two

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Although it'd never happen, I find that this would be an interesting crossover. 
But aren't the Mentalist and Red John kind of non-factors here? I don't really think they have many impressive combat feats.

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bumping this again?

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Wow this would be Great they're basically counterparts Jane to Bruce And Red John to Joker if there was an Amalgam Patrick Wayne will be The Mentalising-Bat And The Red Joker :) Awesome! ,but I think Red John and Joker would win too much Brains.

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I'll Bump it Again.