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Bat Family

Come at me, common sense.

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@jashro44: AOA Nightcrawler?
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@Decoy Elite: No just regular 616.

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@jashro44: Alright, just wanted to check since AOA replaced 616. 
Is the fight during night or day?
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@Decoy Elite: Day time.

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Gonna go with X-Men. The bats won't be able to sneak around well enough and they're not gonna win an up front confrontation.

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I honestly don't see the Bat-Family winning this. They can probably take out Beast or Cyclops, but Nightcrawler? Nope.

Oh, and the reason I say Beast is because, even though they're not as fast him, they do have gadgets that can mess with his senses and can double team him if needed. I'd put Dick and Tim on him and they can do something.

With Cyclops, It's a matter of getting in close. Batman can use the walls, trucks and his gadgets to his advantage to close in on him. We all know Batman is known for doing great things with what he has. Once he gets in, He can go H2H with Cyclops and eventually take him down.

Nightcrawler is the reason they'd win IMO. He doesn't have to stay where he is. He can just teleport around Damian and piss him off and eventually take him out. From then on in, he can just help who needs it the most. BUT if Dick and Tim or Bruce finishes their fights before Nightcrawler does, They can win.

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The X-Men.

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@Nefarious said:

The X-Men.
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X-Men in a stomp.

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Xmen in a spite stomp

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Cyclops just mows the whole place down.

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X-Men easily. Kurt is a perfect distraction and Beast can run interference on some. Cyclops lays out whoever he puts his eyes on. Not sure I see this as exactly fair.