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Bat-Family. Team coordination, strategizing, and stealth will be huge factors during the fight.

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Hmm, giving the distance, it could go either way, the Avengers have better long range combatants, but if it becomes a close quarters fight, the Bats can take it.

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The Bat Family win.

Both teams start at fair distances, though I feel the Bat Family will make better use of this location since (as @NeonGameWave stated) stealth is the Bat Family’s strength. Hawkeye’s arrows would be easy to evade by either member of Bat’s team, once you get up close to him he should be easy to take out by any of the Bat Family members. Batman should be able to hold off Captain America for Nightwing to help him out; since it’s morals on, I believe Captain America can take out Batman in a very long fight since Batman tends hold back a lot of tools of his when he has his morals on. Nightwing should be able to take out Black Widow while Red Robin takes out Hawkeye.

The Bat Family is also very good when fighting as a team. They are synchronized and even more synchronized that the Avengers in this battle, so because of their expertise, stealth and firepower, I say the Bat-Family wins 6(.5)/10.


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I think the avengers. I feel like Hawkeye could take out nightwing or robin pretty easily while cap holds off bats until he gets help

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I don't think stealth would help in broad daylight or against hawkeye. Cap can take them h2h but the Bat-fam could outnumber him. This could def go either way but I'll side with the bat family

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avengers win mostly because of cap he is a team player

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