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Barakapool is bloodlusted

Green Lantern has morals on

Takes place in flat desert terrain

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Barrakkapool easily IMO.

GL had 0 durability, honestly watching that movie how easily he was incapacitated PISSED me off. He also wasn't the greatest combat/reflex wise against anything really threatening.

Barrkkapool has firepower, melee, teleportation, healing factor and enough agility and skill to defeat that lame excuse for Green Lantern

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Barakapool takes it fairly easily

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Barakapool murderstomps.....green lantern has to deal with his overpowered healing factor. And second he has to be able to hit him which will be highly difficult considering the fact that his teleportion abilities are also impressive. And third....green lantern durabilityb sucks! One optic blast will kill or severely injure green lantern

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Barakapool easily

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GL wins on principle.

Nah, but really, Barakapool wins.