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Victory achieved by KO or Kill. Staged in a completely open space, in the desert.

My money is on Cassidy. What say you?


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Morals?  Starting distance?  These are both very important factors to consider.  With morals on and/or a considerable starting distance, Cassidy KOs Wolverine.  With morals off and/or a close starting distance, Wolverine slaughters him.

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Banshee. He can fly and his sonic scream can knock Wolverine out very easily, earning him a win by KO.

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Bad fight for Logan. The desert gives him no way to hide. No way to get the drop and use terrain, buildings etc. to his advantage.

This, coupled with the fact his enhanced sense would make Banshee's sonics unbearable ... ya, Logan gets KO'd here.

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Starkwood, for some reason I can reply directy ¬¬damn computer. Let's make it a two rounder then shall we?
Round 1 morals on, Round 2 morals off. I think in meters and not in the english system so let's say they start at the distance of a tennis court from each other. I still think however, that even if Logan were bloodlusted, Banshee would just have to fly off and blast away at his senses.

Ramtha... yeah you might be right.. maybe Banshee has too much of an advantage    
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Yeah I think Cassidy has the right tools to take Logan down as long as they start with some distance between them.

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Cassidy can temporarily Ko wolverine with high pitch frequency designed to disrupt his brain. It would be temporary as in it could give wolverine mini ko's lasting seconds until Banshee figures out to simply maintain the pitch for a ten second count to get the win.

aside from that wolverine cant reach Banshee if Banshee hits the sky.

plus Banshee can eventually tire out Wolverine healing factor and senses with the barrage of his sonic cry...

not much wolverine can do here

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This could be seen as spite against Logan. Banshee should curbstomp Logan in both rounds.
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" This could be seen as spite against Logan. Banshee should curbstomp Logan in both rounds. "

Agreed. The open spaces favor a flier and Banshee's sonic powers have an advantage against Logan's senses. 
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Banshee stomps him.

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@god_spawn said:
" Banshee stomps him. "
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Mmm... how about if it were inside the Danger Room?
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Banshee wins

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Easy win for Banshee.