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Bane has realized that the team of mercenaries known as the expendables are preparing to take him out so he decides to fight them on his own terms and take them out one by one all fights are H2H and he gets one hour to rest and prepare for the next fight the members of the gauntlet have basic Intel on him but do not know that he is hunting them

1 Yin Yang

2 Hale Caesar

3 Gunner Jensen:

4 Jean Vilain

5 Lee Christmas

6 Barney Ross

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Bane kills them all with ease.

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Bane murders the whole lot.

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@Crom-Cruach said:

Bane murders the whole lot.

@Pacperson said:

Bane kills them all with ease.

Not with ease, with ease would be going up against no skilled thugs.

But nevertheless he kills them.

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I think Gunner could take him :P

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Bane breaks all of their backs.

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Bane be like "F You" and Guantlet be like "(insert random movie Refrence here) den Bane be like im a break you

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expendables take i know this is one on one situation they are brutally efficient and also very good at fighting i reckon ying yang or lee christmas take it in a hard fight

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Every one of these guys stomp him. Bane is simple too slow.

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I've always hated the names of the characters in the Expendables. Jean Claude Van Damme's villain character is named "Jean Villain". Impressive, Stallone. Why didn't you name your character "Sly Hero"?

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@cf12793: Someone actually paid attention to the names?

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@thanofleeze: I never remembered their names either, I was too busy paying attention to the explosions and stuff.

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I really don't understand the logic of other users on this site sometimes... makes my head hurt. So there are really ppl on this site who believe that Bane could beat all of the Expendables including Yin Yang, who has aJet Li's skill set, and Lee Christmas, who has Statham's skill set!! In all seriousness, Bane isn't making it past Round 1.