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Both have 2 days prep

Fight takes place in Gotham City

Morals off for both characters

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If Bane has venom he will win, he is to fast and to strong also he will end up figuring out Taskmaster's muscle memory powers and knowing Bane will probibly have a few tricks up his sleeve(?). This goes the same for non-venom Bane.

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Pre 52 Bane would lose, New 52 would stomp.

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If Tasky has his Udon weaponry, them him.

Else, still probably him.

Bane is not that durable or evasive against edged weapons or bullets which Tasky almost always carries.

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Taskmaster. Bane isn't very resilient to penetrative attacks and with Morals Off Taskmaster will go straight for the kill.

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Bane with prep would win. Taskmaster would win a random but with prep Bane is highly intelligent where as taskmaster is highly arrogant.