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Robbie Rotten has paid Bane a handsome amount of money to kidnap Stephanie and take her away to Gotham in order to lure Sportacus out of Lazytown. Sportacus detects Stephanie's cries for help and flies his blimp all the way to Gotham, where he finds her tied to a pole in the middle of a large construction site. Sportacus jumps down from his blimp and tries to untie Stephanie, but is stopped as Bane appears before him and yells to Sportacus "Baaaane!", flexing his muscles before charging at him. Sportacus dodges the first charge and prepares for battle.


  1. Bane is on Venom.
  2. Sportacus cannot escape in his blimp before Stephanie is rescued and Bane is knocked unconscious.
  3. Sportacus can use any objects he can find in his construction site, but he comes equipped with all essential fruits and vegetables that give him energy.

Can Sportacus rescue Stephanie and KO Bane? Can Bane possibly withstand Sportacus's ultimate acrobatics?

Battle Location
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Does no one else here watch Lazytown or read the Lazytown comics?

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Sportacus curbstomps.

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This sounds like the retard Bane due to the fact that he actually yelled out "Baaaane!"

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Sportacus breaks Bane's back

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This is not funny anymore......