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Red Skull

Scenario 1: Bane and Red Skull are at a bar in west Texas drinking whiskey when they get into a heated argument about politics. The exchange becomes violent and descends into fisticuffs. Neither are aware of who each other are prior to this chance meeting, and both are unarmed. Winner is by KO, Incapacitate, or BFR.

Scenario 2: The loser of scenario 1 is pissed off and vows vengeance. They return home to their lair and begin preparing for all out war. This time both combatants are well aware of each other. Bane has full access to the League of Shadows and any henchmen and weaponry shown in "The Dark Knight Rises". Red Skull has full access to Hydra and any henchmen and weaponry shown in "Captain America: the First Avenger". Both have one month to prepare. Winner is by Death or Surrender.

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Bane, he breaks skull in half in the bar, makes him pay for his drinks, pisses on him, and then proceeds to kill him. So scenario 2 never happens.

Bane FTW

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Dont know movie banes capabilities yet mate.

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Me Neither but, I think Bane is a cooler character then the Red Skull.

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@Oni_Bane said:

Me Neither but, I think Bane is a cooler character then the Red Skull.

Agreed again lol

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Round 1: Bane

Round 2: Bane and his League of Assassins and random hench-men

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So, is Bane above peak human??

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Bane wins round 1 red skull wins round 2.

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1. Round 1 could Go either way, considering RS punched through steel shield..

2. Red skull imo.. Hydra seems much stronger organisation compared to random henchmen..

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Movie Red Skull is superior to Bane and was equivalent to Cap. Cap was rag dolling people. Red Skull takes both rounds easy. Did you guys even watch the Captain America movie?

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Skull Stomps, pi**ed off version of Cap that enjoys killing. Red Skull wouldn't hold back against Bane and he's leagues ahead in the intelligence department.

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Red Skull both rounds

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Skull breaks Bane's back.

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Red Skull both rounds

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Bane has no venom and is no where near red skulls level...redskull wins both rounds

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Round 1- Bane wins, he has demonstrated more hand to hand skill and is only slightly outgunned in strength.

Round 2- Red Skull wins, he has superior numbers and technology.

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Scenario 1: Bane loses. Red Skull was going toe-to-toe with Cap IIRC -- a character who could essentially take down Bane with a few strikes thanks to hugely superior strength.

Scenario 2: Overall, Red Skull has a huge edge when it comes to forces and technology, but if Bane can get his hands on a nuke again...

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Red Skull. The Nolanverse is just too realistic to be put up against the other Marvel movies.

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Bane 1. Red Skull is only stronger skill wise he was getting handed to Captain America, Bane only has to get in a few moves to incap the Red Skull who's just a brawler at best

2. HYDRA lololololgangbangstompsthelivingshtoutofthemtilltheygotohellandthantooblivion.