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By Uwe de Witt

Both at full potential and Power. Battle takes place in Gotham. Both Blood Lusted. Both Have light Sabers.

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I don't see how bane will stop Darth bane from unleashing a torrent of force lightening,,force choke,,and a much faster saber attack...bane has never used a lightsaber before,,,and darts force abilities would enable him to see what's coming easily....Darth bane stomps!! Especially bloodlusted,,no contest

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Oh...... my............

How many times does it have to be explained, a non-Force sensitive, without any training etc. cannot use a lightsaber? They would rather slash their own limbs off.

Bane stomps.

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A novice using a lightsaber is like giving a pair of nunchaku to a ends with blood and serious injury,,,only with a saber you lose limbs