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TDKR bane. Round 1 just h2h no weapons just bane's mask. Round 2 Connor has his tomohawk and bane has a sword. Round 3 bane has his vest and mask and Connor has earlier version tomohawk. To death.

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Connor 10 for 10. Bane does not have the skill or speed to fight Connor hand to hand or with weapons. Connor may even out-class Bane in terms of strength. Connor is certainly more lethal in his striking ability, both with his fists and tomahawk. Additionally, striking Bane's mask can result in causing him incredible debilitating pain. I don't see how Bane can win.

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Connor. Connor Kent already outclass comicbook Bane, just look at the enemy Connor fights, and comicbook Bane has venom enhancement. Nolan's Bane dies with his eyes watering and his mask become his new jaw.

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Connor every single time in rounds two and three. Not certain about round one.

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Movie Bane is interesting.

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Connor stomps

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I hate Connor. He's a kid.

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Connor had no feelings he was a terminator.

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