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Setting: Forest 
Time: 9:00 P.M 

  • No one is to use their powers/bending, strictly h2h
  • Both have Standard gear
  • Storm is allowed to use her  awareness  to become familiar  with the forest
  • Azula gets to browse the forest for 30 minutes
  • Win by KO or death
  • No Morals
  • They  must find one another to begin the fight
Who wins? 


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Not sure who would win, though Storm is most likely going to find her 1st. I am not sure how Azula's martial skills would measure up in the MU but she handled other benders with martial skills in her world handily, including Zuko in most showings, and Aang struggled with her most of the time, so I think she would be tough. However, she could not defeat Iroh, so her skills are good but not the best, and can be outsmarted. I don't think she needs to be the best fighter here per say but Storm is a formidable h2h with years of experience, has fought opponents who are faster and stronger (unless there is some proof that the benders are faster than MU's peak and enhanced humans) with better reflexes  than Azula, and with training and experience in h2h, and consistently beat them. I am not sure what fighting styles Storm has been trained in but I am sure it most likely includes martial arts. 
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From what I've seen, Azula.

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As on H2H, Azula. But, Storm can outwit here.

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Gotta say Azula

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Azula rapes

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Azula, her speed and agility should give her a slight edge.

She also has fought Zuko in H2H combat, and easily won, but this was a young Zuko.