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Who takes it?

Starting Distance: 25 feet.

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lady bad loses it

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GOOD FIGHT!! I would favor Azula because she isn't going to come out fighting hand to hand in the beginning so either should learn Shiva's capabilities and be prepared for her when that time comes, or she increases her fire/lighting out put. Azula was keeping up with Aang and that kids very light on his feet.

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@jumpstart55: Starting distance?

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Lady Shiva is skilled enough to get close fast and take her out very quickly in h2h, but if it's too far away then she would have to be much quicker with much more defenses, and that only increases Azula's chances of taking her out.

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Starting distance is the most important factor and it is lacking. Shiva is capable of killing opponents in one blow, while Azula would favor a long range battle plan.

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Azula takes this after a hard fought battle. Lady Shiva just couldn't handle Azula's speed and fire power!!

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starting distance is critical

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Azula wins. With her "rocket boots" ability she's far more mobile, she can spam AoE attacks, put up defensive fire shield, etc. This should never become a H2H fight which is Shova's only hope. And Shiva doesn't really do ranged attacks.

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@Danny789 said:

Azula takes this after a hard fought battle. Lady Shiva just couldn't handle Azula's speed and fire power!!

But rather than kill her, Azula convinces Lady Shiva that they should work together. Together, they kill the Bat family, most of DC's street levelers and take over Gotham.

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Azula. Fire, lightning, range, speed boosts, limited flight, uber fighter, bat s**t crazy, and vicious. If there's a box of helpless puppies in the way, she'll light them on fire and fling them at Shiva.

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@Void_Paladin:@nightwing91: @Skaddix:

Starting Distance: 25 feet.

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@jumpstart55: I've only watched a few episodes of Avatar, how good are Azulas reaction times and speed? As it is Shiva has ton more skill and experience, I'm just curious how fast Azula is given Shiva's vast knowledge of one hit kills, and nerve strikes and such.

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What? u didn't watch avatar

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@HolySerpent: Only a handful of episodes,it is however in my netflix queue and I do intend to get around to it. I do remeber characters slower dodging fire blasts Shiva most certainly duplicate it.

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@nightwing91: Lady shiva is better fighter, but Azula is no noob in the fighting department and she is one of the best firebenders on the show. If shiva gets close then it's over .but it will be difficult

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@HolySerpent: Her reaction time lets her dodge bullets, it's basically can Shiva get close as she only needs one blow. I believe she's capable of closing the distance for a win, she might not be a noob she's far inferior then Shiva in actual skill it seems she mostly utilizes her firebending.

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Her firebending is apart off her martial arts. And she is extremely agile. Aang could tag her when she lost her powers

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@nightwing91: Azula has excellent agility and reaction time, she was able to dodge several hits from Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors in "Appa's Lost Days" and dodged all Aang's and Toph's attacks while powerless in "The Day of Black Sun". She can also use her firebending to increase her speed.

Azula is one of the most powerful firebenders in LOA (and the most genial villain in my opinion too). She is very tactical, can blast powerful AoE fire attacks and can use lightning, that I'm sure is far faster than bullets. She is skilled anough to keep a safe distance from Lady Shiva. Here one of Azula's fights, although her firebender was stronger due to the Sozin's Comet:

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Azula with a Stomp

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