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Azula - at the peak of her power and potential 
Jeoung Jeoung
Sozin's Comet, Midday, On the outer wall of Ba Sing Se.



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lol, hard call, I really dont know, I love Azula, and she can kick ass, But Jeong Jeong isnt bad at all, lol, this is a very hard pick, I really dont know, lol I dont even have an idea, lol, wow! :P 
I have never been so lost, lol
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Hmmm... this is a hard one mainly because I don't think we saw much from Jeoung Jeoung in the series.

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, lol, my point exactly, and when we did, we only seen the bext of him, lol,

I want to go with Azula so badly, but I just cant, Jeong Jeong's reputation is the only thing holding me back from saying Azula is the winner, lol, this is the first time I have every, every had trouble choosing who the winner is between azula, lol, and I hate it, lol

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Azula wins on unanimous decision but its a close call

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Hmm, yes,  my vote goes to Azula, mainly because she is a  Prodigy, plus, she is younger, faster, and sharper, not saying the Jeong Jeong is not, it is just that The younger ones are fast most of the time, and we are talking about Azula here, not just any random firebender, plus Jeong Jeong isnt able to redirect lightning, nor create it, which Azula can,  and Azula's flames are hotter, I dont think that it really makes a difference on which flame is hotter, just thought it was an interesting factor. 

So there it is, lol 
 Azula wins! :)

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Jeong Jeong

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Jeong Jeong

Should Take It In A Though Fight

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Jeong Jeong, he had some some of the most powerful firebending techniques of any Avatar character without the Comets help, with it he'd eventually overpower Azula, assuming he isn't holding back for once.