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If the two encountered one another, who would win?

Hand to hand only.

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Azazel. Azazel was way badder-ass seeming.

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I agree with joygirl..Azazel was more impressive in combat

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Nightcrawler just didn't have the badass factor his daddy did.

Saying Azazel.

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Although I agree with most of you I still think Nightcrawler could hold his own, what he achieved at the beginning of X-Men 2 was pretty impressive IMO. Considering he didn't have any swords, though Azazel is more badass.

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hnightcrawler could hold his own but he wont do what needs to be done

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If it were Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler Vs Azazel THAT would be a fight, I'd pay to see that...